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So I entered a writing competition...

Just because...I felt like writing again, I guess. LOL

If you're curious, here's the link: http://www.romanceisnotdead.com/Entries/729-Dark-Devotion

I've been lurking about reading people's drabble stories - just lurking and fiddling with my food blog.


Okay, I and my husband are Filipinos. We're also Canadians who are living on a sort of diplomatic exchange in the United Kingdom. We love traveling. We love learning about other cultures. We've also had the privilege of meeting lots of people - very traveled, very culturally aware as well as very ignorant. Now, we've learned to accept that there are maliciously ignorant idiots but also naively ignorant people. We don't really mind the former, as long as they're willing to widen their horizons. We've lived in places where we're the only Asians - and mostly people have just been curious, which is actually cool.

What we can't stand is when people make assumptions and show off their ignorance, especially when they're belligerent about it. Sorry, it has just come to be very irritating. Which brings me to my story.

Last night, the hubby was at a mess dinner, a rather formal military event. This Major (senior officer who should DARN well know BETTER) started pretending to be fluent in Chinese, asking "Ni Hao Ma" and then feigning shock when my hubby was like "WHAT THE HELL". Then, he's like, "oh, you don't speak Chinese anymore?" The awful thing was that the guy wasn't even drunk. Bah.

So, moral of the story:

1. We should never assume a person we think is of a particular ethnic descent, especially if we are not experienced with that ethnic descent (ask, when in doubt), and

2. We should never attempt to speak to someone in a language (of we speak less than three words) if we do not first establish that the person to whom we are speaking to actually SPEAKS that language.

There, rant over. Sorry, couldn't help it...


Divergence updated!

This chapter won 2nd place in Dokuga's Weekly Perfection!

Title:  Wake Up
Author: Linay

Theme: Chest – Drabble #108
Genre: Romance, Angst, Adventure

Rating: T
Warnings: None
Word Count: 200

Summary: Reality hurts

 Fearing the future revealed in glimpses through the bone eater’s well, the ruling demon clans take desperate measures to ensure the survival of their race – the purging of the human threat. This is the story of Kagome and Sesshoumaru's fight for survival, told in bits and pieces. (twisted canon universe)  This is the next installment of my ongoing serial, Divergence, which is found at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6363259/1/Divergence.

Read chapter 4 at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6363259/4/Divergence

New Story - Broken Bonds

I've published a new story. This chapter won second place in "Make Believe", oneshot contest at Dokuga.

Chapter Title: Plaything
Author: Linay
Make Believe – Oneshot #54
Genre: Dark, Romance
Violence, mild sexual innuendo and awkward moments between our unwilling heroes
Word Count: 1707
[Canon universe, continuation]. They meet again – but not as allies or equals. This is the first installment in a new serial I am planning to write.
I do not own Rumiko Takahashi's characters.

Author's Notes: The chapters in this story have largely been written in response to the prompts given at the livejournal community, dokuga contest (see the link in my profile). I am ever so grateful to the moderators of the community for the challenges and inspiration they have provided.

Story Summary: [Twisted canon universe, continuation] He is the lord, and she is his prize. After the wish's devastating effects, Sesshoumaru decides to exact his revenge upon Kagome. But neither is prepared for the dangerous consequences, nor the passion it ignites.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6397701/1/Broken_Bonds

SessKag Icons

Made some icons! Feel free to take, but please comment/credit if you do :)



A gentle nudge needed

Hey all: I have a question.

Does anyone know of an lj community for the Rurouni Kenshin universe (general or Kenshin/Kaoru specific) that has ongoing writing challenges, contests or prompts? Sort of along the lines of the Dokuga contest (http://community.livejournal.com/dokuga_contest/). I am re-inspired to finish off my RK fics but I am in need of, oh let's call it - gentle prodding. I'm finding that the prompts at Dokuga are really helping me move myself along. Gives a sense of deadline and challenge to the chapters. So, suggestions would be appreciated!


Divergence Updated!

My newest project, Divergence has been has been updated! View it at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6363259/1/Divergence.

Title: Finder’s Fee (Chapter 3)
Author: Linay

Theme: Tremor – Drabble 107
Genre: Romance, Angst, Adventure

Rating: T
Warnings: None
Word Count: 300

Summary: Being found isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Fearing the future revealed in glimpses through the bone eater’s well, the ruling demon clans take desperate measures to ensure the survival of their race – the purging of the human threat. This is the story of Kagome and Sesshoumaru's fight for survival, told in bits and pieces. (twisted canon universe) 

This drabble won first place in Dokuga's weekly perfection contest! Hooray! Thanks everyone ;) 

Dokuga Contest Bits and Banners

Here are the bits and awards I've been collecting at Dokuga - a community i am ever grateful to for re-inspiring some writing!

Participation Bits (Weekly Perfection)
They link to their stories (except for the drabbles still in competition)

Awards & Banners

Oneshot Award Banners

Weekly Perfection Award Banners

I've updated my fanfics - oh my!

Cannot believe it. Managed to churn out another chapter of Complete Me in about an hour and a half. Unbelievable since I've not touched the thing for 4 years. Well, I've had a resurfacing of inspiration where fanfiction is concerned, so here is a list of my now current projects:

Complete Me Continuation of Broken Pieces. Newest chapter here.

Of Lords and Ladies Drabble collection featuring Sesshoumaru and Kagome

Divergence Serial consisting of drabbles and oneshots and telling of Sesshoumaru and Kagome's unlikely romance

Hope this bit of writing fever lasts!

For the love of good tea...

I love waking up on a weekday without hearing the alarm clock. There is something magical about waking up by just waking up!

Now, I am going to enjoy a nice cup of Darjeeling tea with some scottish shortbread before tackling the mountain of dishes in my kitchen sink. Then, I'm going to prepare the "scavenger hunt" for my husband. I bought him a couple gifts from London (he was at work, the poor dear), so I bought him a few souvenirs. I'm going to hide them around the house and have him hunt for them with clues! Hope he likes it!

Anyone see the musical Wicked? I saw it with my sister a few days ago. I absolutely loved the first act. It was witty and amazing to watch. I thought the second act fell a bit flat, and I didn't think the finale did the first finale before intermission justice. Thoughts?



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